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Used Deskjet Printer & Laserjet Cartridge Drive


Another great way to help raise funds for the Kistler Center with little effort or cost!


Collect used deskjet and laser printer cartridges from family, friends and your office to help Kistler's Kids. To donate, bring bring your used cartridges to the Kistler Center. The cartridges will be re-cycled.



Wish List

We never have enough of these items!


Batteries sizes (C & D)


Can opener, hand held

Colored cardstock

Construction paper

Copy paper

Dishwasher soap (tablets)

Disinfecting wipes

Electrical tape

Facial tissue

Hand sanitizer, large size

iTunes gift cards

Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)

Laundry detergent

Paper cups

Paper plates

Plastic bandages, latex free

Plastic storage bags (snack, quart, gallon)

Screwdriver, cordless

Shelf liner, non-stick

Sticky notes

Tempera paints




Snacks (individual or small size when available)

Applesauce (plain or flavored)


Fruit cups

Goldfish crackers

Graham crackers

M&Ms & Mini M&Ms

Mini marshmallows



Please call Jennifer at 479.785.4677 to purchase this item:


Bosu Ball ~ $85